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RBT's Commands can be entered either at the AutoCAD prompt or by clicking on the floating toolbar. All tools load using single keystrokes. For example to define the Plate you simply press P or to create a 2d elevation press E.

RBT also can build a roof in reverse, meaning you can create a 3d plane starting at a ridge and slope it downwards to an unknown plate below.

Below is the floating Toolbar. Here all tools are accessible with a single click. The current roof settings are displayed here as well.

New toolbar in action (java wall and elevation tutorial click here)

Here is the Main Menu where all your roof settings are defined.
Note: A metric version Main Menu is also available by typing 'z'.

RBT's secondary menu is called the More Menu. It contains tools needed to create automatic roof boundaries, 2d elevations and extra commands like Inplane to find heights. InPlane allows you to find any height on a given roof plane. This is a powerful way to find ridge heights, dormer heights and plates which intersect a your 3d roofs.


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