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Finally there's architect software that works wonders on complex 3d roof modeling!

3d autocad roof built with RBT

Easy to install macro
Metric distances toggle
Easy to learn 3d
Auto Elevations
Wall extruder
Window/Door extruder
Help file
Free tech support

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DataCAD 7 or higher

Win95/98 or NT


$29.95 for each computer


"An incredibly priced,
yet powerful tool and
a must-have DataCAD Toolbar macro"

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RBT - 3d modeling shareware for AutoCAD 14 - Download your copy today
Best Seller Toolbar Macro
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Looking for a way to create 2d elevations in DataCAD? Do you want a fast way to create a 3d model to show off to your clients? Then you'll be amazed at what Roof Builder Tools for DataCAD can do for you.

Roof Builder Tools (or RBT) is add-on DataCAD software (toolbar macro) that will create a 3d solids model straight from a 2d roof plan. It's powerful architect software that will create a 3d model of a roof quickly and easily.

Although RBT is an invaluable 3d modeling tool it can also be used to generate accurate 2d architectural elevations from the model all within DataCAD. It's a CAD Design tool you won't want to be without.

By selecting the roof planes from your 2d-roof plan, RBT can create any complex roof model in minutes. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll be able to model, even if you know nothing about 3d modeling.

Modeling has never been so easy. Join many other satisfied users that use RBT in DataCAD.
Visit our RBT for Data Cad download page and purchase your copy today!

note: DataCAD is required. RBT is not a stand alone CAD program.

Did your know RBT is also an AutoCAD add-on? Below are the differences between the two:

1) RBT for DataCAD is not shareware - no 30 day trial is available do to restrictions within DataCAD.

2) RBT for DataCAD is more feature enriched. Thereby its price is higher than RBT for AutoCAD.

3) Window / Door Modeler included in the DataCAD version. Wall modeler is more advanced than the Acad version.

4) Free updates do not apply in the DataCAD version as it has undergone all several major updates allready and is fully tested. Future versions will be discounted for registered RBT users.

5) No toolbar is needed or included in the DataCAD version. Menu loads within the program via the Toolbox button.


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